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Carpet Care
Handmade rugs are made from natural fibres in workshops, in towns and villages using horizontal and vertical looms. As a result imperfections can be expected.

1. Vacuum regularly. The back of the rug should also be vacuumed every six months or so. Always try to vacuum in the direction of the pile, as this will better preserve the wool fibres.

2. Rotate the rug periodically. This will help to ensure even wear.

3. Position the carpet so as to avoid direct, bright or hot sunlight as this can prematurely fade the carpet and in extreme conditions could cause damage.

4. Remove spills quickly and only use NATURAL CLEANING PRODUCTS. Under no circumstances should chemical cleaners be used.

5. If a carpet is damaged consult us (or other carpet experts) first rather than risk further damage.

6. Never place pot plants on a handmade carpet. Heavy furniture should have foot pads.

7. We recommend that underlay is used for all carpets as it helps to protect them.

8. Check your carpet periodically for wear and tear and act quickly upon any damage.

9. If carpets are to be stored, roll the carpet with the pattern inside, douse with naphthalene and seal completely.

Remember that handmade rugs are made from natural fibres that can expand and contract in some weather conditions. They often have irregularities and in some cases you may notice mistakes in the patterns. Enjoy your carpets idiosyncrasies and treat them with the respect and care that a handmade article deserves.