Zadeh Gallery

Insurance Claims.

Zadeh Gallery is able to provide valuations for insurance claims for damaged rugs. We need to see the damaged rug and will provide a written valuation to repair or replace based on the current market and to the best of our knowledge. A nominal consultation fee applies.


Handmade rugs can be damaged through a variety of means. We are able to offer clients a repair service including repairing specific damages to fringes, edges and to the body of the rug which are carried out by our experienced staff. This will extend the lifespan of most rugs. We will give you an obligation free quote prior to commencing work. This will include the final fee payable and estimated time to complete the repair.

Free Consultation.

Zadeh Gallery offers a free advisory service for clients wishing to find exactly the right pieces for their home or corporate setting. It is a large and diverse market with an enormous array of product. We can help you to navigate this and discuss openly the best rugs for your setting. We are experts at choosing the right colours, patterns, sizes and types of rugs. Our knowledge of the market means we can suggest viable alternatives.

Bespoke Rugs.

A custom made rug is a very individual addition to a home or corporate setting. We work with a leading manufacturer in India to offer this service. Quality wool and workmanship are a priority. Come in and discuss your requirements - we are happy to explain our process to individual clients and to give you an obligation free quote.

Wholesale and Trade.

In addition to our long established retail business, Zadeh Gallery offers considerable discounts to bona fide interior decorators and architects who purchase in bulk or sustained repeat orders. We assist some of Melbourne’s leading interior decorators and have successfully provided this service for many years. Come in and discuss your requirements with us in person.