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Modern Tibetan Design

These new rugs have been inspired by the simple and harmonious Tibetan rugs which started to appear in the west 20-30 years ago. The mountainous country of Tibet, flanked by China and India, was a carpet making area for generations. The current designs are not the traditional Tibetan designs but rather decorator influenced patterns that have been inspired by the bold, eclectic patterns and colours found in the traditional Tibetan rugs. These contemporary designs feature checks and squares, abstract patterns and geometric all-over designs. The rugs generally consist of a main field often with no border. The popularity of the unusual designs of the older Tibetan rugs, strikingly different to traditional oriental carpet designs found throughout Persia (Iran), India etc, helped to pave the way for a more adventurous use of design and colour in contemporary handmade oriental carpet making. As a result Tibetan-design rugs are made in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

Modern Gabbeh Design

Persian Gabbeh rugs are nomadic rugs from the South Persian province of Fars. Most of these rugs are made by members of the once famed Qashqa’i tribe.  They are distinguishable in their use of natural or bold, primary colours and stylized designs.  These feature people, animals and botanical motifs. Gabbeh rugs are very popular in the west and the design characteristics have also been adopted by weavers in India and Pakistan.